SCAM ALERT!!! Ricky Zhang of Tian Yin Musical is a crook – Ricky Zhang is a Fraud and the violin Factory called Tian Yin Musical is a fake. He took thousands of dollars and did not deliver the products. My brother and I invested in violins for my music shop but never got them. We placed an order in April of 2015 with Mr. Zhang and Tian Yin Musical Instruments for an over sea shipment. When we contact him he makes excuses but will not refund the money or send the violins. We have investigated and he is a fraud. We are informing authorities of this fraud and alerting others not to be a victim. We want you to help us stop this abuse and pressure him to give us our money back. Please, look into this problem. Let everyone know that Tian Yin Musical Instruments and Ricky Zhang are crooks.

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