I first made the biggest mistake of my life moving to Granada Gardens Dec 10, 2016 where i found out dec 13,2016 that the build X was filled with roaches with a maintence man buying drugs from a tenant in the building to get high while being on the job. when i first brought this up to the management they act as if they had knew and didnt really care. After only being in my lease for only 3 days i asked for a transfer due to the bug conditions they didnt bring to my attention they gave me the hardest time for a tranfers i had to treaten to bring 19 action news up there then finally Feb 4,2017 they transferred me over to building where the harrassment from the management started. July, 2017 i started getting notices on my door stating i have an 117.00$$ balance on my account from lack of renters insurance( that i showed proof of duing lease signing) after 2 months going back and forth with them they started saying i was late on my rent which i keep every receipt. This place is good for filing fake evictions i wish i wuld of read the reviewers before i moved but lesson learned


Name: AIY Properties, Inc.

Country: United States

State: Ohio

City: Independence

Address: 2 Summit Park Dr # 645

Phone: 1-216-264-4105

Website: www.aiyproperties.com/