I am speaking on behave of my foolish parents, they saw some TV commercials from local Chinese Television station about these so call health rice and went to find out what is it? nAfter few hours of brainwash, they purchased 3 boxes of rice ($150.00 weights 30lbs each, and you have to mix together when you get want to use it). When I got my chance to open one box, I realized this so call French rice nothing but regular wheat mix with rice which you can find them at any supermarket. nWholeFood or mother’s supermarket, you can find the same (even for sure it is truly organic rice) for much less price. I definitely will not believe this [email protected]# came from France. I have some college friends came from that area, Cameague does product rice (only the red rice is exporting) nAfter my friends called the local city hall. They never heard of company call AKAI farm. So I decided to pay more attention to the advertisements, you know what; they claim this rice will lower your sugar level. I am not a medical doctor, but I certainly have common sense to know rice will not do that. They said, in Cameague France, locals feed AKAI rice to horses and the horse skin change from white skin color turn into black skin. Maybe you are a horse or other type of farm animals. Do you know what horses eat? Nothing our human stomach is capable to digest. nI want to take them back for refund, but they went around and said the manager or owner is not there. They gave me a run around like when you want to return staffs from Frys Electronics. Later, I found out there were only two people working there, a husband name Jackson and wife is Joanne. Yes, the lady (with a new born baby) in one of the commercial claims to be a customer. I ask around in my area, they all laugh at me said I got scam. For Larry from Woodland, I understand how you feel. I tried BBB, and useless. nBut I will tell as many people as I know about this piece of [email protected]#. A friendly advise, next time when you watch some of those Chinese commercials, the more you listen, the more you will know a lot of them are full of it as well. nMikenIrvine, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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