Akey Brakey Brakes and Alignment Performed unnecessary repair work on my child’s truck Agoura Hills California!!. My son’s truck stalled at Starbucks on a Sunday after he finished working at Kid’s World. His friend who was with him let him use his AAA membership to call a tow truck. While my son and his friend were waiting for the tow truck to arrive my son looked for local repair shops in the area that he could have the car towed to. He found, ugh, Akey Brakey in a search result and when the tow truck driver arrived he asked him if he knew where Akey Brakey was and the tow truck driver said “yes”. Even though the tow truck driver is not a registered mechanic he suggested it might be the starter, as it wasn’t starting. My son left the truck in the Akey Brakey driveway, put the keys in the slot with a note that said “Might be starter”. Come Monday mid-afternoon and some nebulous person calls my son to tell him “Okay we’ll replace the starter!” The only problem is, it didn’t need a starter at all. The problem had nothing to do with the starter. Today the Nissan dealership in Simi Valley told us it was THE FUEL PUMP. Not only did they swindle us out of $1000 they gave my son a death trap of a car that stalled 20 times while driving it up Kanan. If you’re this far into the review, take your car to the dealer. Stay away from these guys. They’re passive aggressive and toxic… and they’ll give your family member back a car that will stall on the freeway endangering everyone’s life. Congratulations Akey Brakey and “Brake and Alignment” – the name you’re going by now. You earned a 1 star review (so it registers) and a free trip to the Chatsworth courthouse. My treat. I’m a real person, I’ve lived in Agoura area since 1984, and I have 3 kids. If this review changes 1 person’s mind I’ve succeeded.

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