Al Piemonte Chevy They ripped off my pregnant GF East Dundee Illinois!!. My girlfriend was in bad need of transportation. She decided she needed a truck so I decided I would assist her as much as I could with it. I live in Arlington,Va but she is out in Hoffman Estates, IL. She eventually came across a 2004 Kia Sorrento. It was clean and appeared to run smoothly. We are aware of the risks buying used so I know what to expect. She drove the vehicle and had it looked at but at the time there were no codes or check engine light. Once the vehicle was purchased the check engine light came on and that was the beginning of our problems. Turns out that the codes had been reset and no we have a cylinder that won’t maintain compression. There also appears to be a vacuum leak. Now after getting this all checked out I have spent about 2k on repairs so far and will probably be looking at another 2 to 3 (if I don’t need a new engine). If you want an honest to goodness deal and someone letting you know as much as possible about an older vehicle I would steer well clear of these guys. I used to sell used cars and learned there are two types of sellers, those that care and those that only want that dollar. Don’t roll any dice with these people, you are asking for trouble. Darcy Arlington, Virginia

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