ALALEH KAMRAN IS 100% FRAUD, She is a fake person were she would just acts as they are in your side but in reality all they want is to suck in your money and make up stories and tell you we did that or we doing this but behid seens empty and they make up papers and write emails to you as if they are working on stuff on your behalf and doing the best for you,BUT DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THEM since they just fake and she is nothing except a excellent actor witch sucking your money and doing nothing | DO YOU SELF A FAVOR AND MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR SELF A ATTORNEY THAT WILL DO THE JOB!!!


Name: Alaleh Kamran Law Offices

Country: United States

State: California

City: Encino

Address: 15760 Ventura Blvd

Phone: 818-986-6222