Alamo Car Rental Ticket Scam , Internet!!. I got a parking ticket in the city of Wilmington. I responded with a letter to the city attempting to protest and challenge the ticket. Over 4 months later they responded stating that my protest was dismissed. I then sent another letter the day I recieved that stating had they not taken 4.5 months to respond I could have fought the ticket in person in front of a judge. Unfortunately I was back home in Florida and couldnt fight the ticket. I heard nothing from the city of Wilmington for several more months. I tried again to write a letter and express the situation and stating I want a chance to fight the ticket and if I lose of course I will pay the $40. Two weeks later I got a letter from Alamo stating they are going to charge my credit card $110. I called them up and explained I was fighting the ticket. They said they will not charge my card and will give me time to finish the fight. If I lost I explained I would satisfy the $40 fine. Sure

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