Alamo/National/PurCo are ripping off customers by overcharging them for repairs. But that is only part of the story. Read on… Jackson Hole Arpt, Wyoming!!. When I returned a car there was a barely visible 2 millimeter chip on the windshield that cost $50 to repair, but Alamo/PurCocharged me $330 for the total windshield replacement. Why? Because, I was told, determining the kind of repair that should be done is up to them and not to me. Fine, I agreed to pay the $330 and asked for invoice or a bill from auto shopthat would confirm the windshield was replaced. They sent me a copy of estimate from a local shop that said the windshield replacement would cost $330. Now, would you pay for an estimate or for a job that really was done? I replied thatId pay for a real repair. In return, they pointed me to this wording in contract: You will pay for all damage based onrepair costs or estimated repair costs. And threated me with legal action against me if I dont pay. I

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