Complaint: Last year I hired attorney Alan Manheim to file a contempt charge against my ex-husband for non payment of child support. He said he knew all the judges and the case was a slam dunk. I paid him $3500 and was told that he would be in touch as soon as he filed the case. After two months I called Manheim’s office to find out about the case and was told the case was working its way through the system. I received a bill for $2800 for “evaluating”” the case and answering my phone call. I became suspicious and called the clerk’s office and asked about my case. The clerk told me that there was no case in the system in my name. I then called Manheim’s office again and was told by a rude secretary that if I didn’t like the way Manheim was representing me I could go find another lawyer. I then received another bill from Manheim for $2500 to “”replenish”” the retainer. At that point I hired another lawyer and I was told that Manheim was one of the worst lawyers in the State of Georgia and had been suspended several times by the Georgia bar for fraud. I only wish the state of Georgia didn’t allow lawyers like Manheim to practice law. As a final insult Manheim’s office is now hounding me to pay another $1500 for him to withdraw from the case.”

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Address: 25 Alexander Street SE # 3 Marietta, Georgia United States of America