I ordered a free sample of A’lasche face cream and paid 4.95 on credit card for shipping. A month later I received another jar of the same face cream. I contacted the phone number on the jar and reached customer service. I was told I was charged 89.00 for the first “free” sample because I did not call to discontinue the service within 14 days. I was also charged 89.00 for the second jar. The customer service person, Rubin, said he would refund my credit card for all three charges – the 4.95 on 8/2, the 89.96 on 8/15, and 98.96 on 10/2/17. I am also reporting this to my credit card company. Rubin said there is a terms and conditions at the bottm of one page which spells out that if you don’t call in 14 days, the charges start and continue to recur. I returned to the product web site and indeed there is a terms and conditions in a faint font at the bottome of a page. This is pure scam. When I try to copy the terms and conditions, the page disappears.


Name: ALasche Cream

Country: United States

State: Alabama



Phone: 800-835-4294

Website: alaschecream.com/