A’Lasche is a ripoff company. I ordered a face and eye cream for small lines in September of 2017 one was 1.95 the other was 4.95 for shipping. Well they have been stealing 89.96 twice a month which as of today comes to almost 1000.00 dollar’s. I can not figure out how is this even league?? I’m a 40ish lady and can not believe this happened to me. I feel sorry for the ealdery people who never even notice on there back statements. I’m soooo stressed out right now I just really feel sorry that this world is like this. PLEASE DON’T ORDER OR EVEN SHOP ON LINE FROM WHAT I WAS TOLD THEY CAN ADD ANYTHING THEY WANT TO TO YOUR ORDER. Please be very careful .


Name: A’Lasche

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Saint Petersburg

Address: P.O. Box 23884

Phone: (800) 982-0983

Website: www.alasche.com/