Complaint: On 3/9/13 I went to see an apt 3br apt. in Jam. Met Mr. Bell and another man working with him (cant remember name), was told if I wanted apt I should put a deposit to remove it from Craig’s list. Meet Mr. Bell at his Hillside office and made deposit and was reassured that if I change my mine it would be no problem getting a refund within 3 business days. Gave him $500. cash (which was recommended by Bell), filled out papers, apt was $1400 and he said he would try to get it down to $1325. Before I could cross Hillside ave his partner was calling me thanking me for my business. I asked if I could bring my family to see apt the next day and was told that would not be a problem. Next day my calls were not answered by neither one of them. On 3/19 I called and texted Mr Bell that I would not be taking apt (never got to see it again). On 3/20 he texted that he was sorry for not returning my calls due to his mother being ill, nonetheless he will process my refund with in 3 days it would be ready. He told me Wed 4/17 that I could come Sat. to pick up check, I called and texted him Sat. informing him that I had had death in my family and needed my refund to travel out of town, he replied that he was sorry for my loss and that he was on his way back from baltimore due to his son have surgery and should be back by 4pm, but if I needed him to mail it to me out of town he would. Well if check is ready to be mailed, it should be no problem picking it up. On 4/22 I was told he had to replace his lost phone that is why he hadnt called, and that I could meet him at his Hillside office at 5. Get there to see office closed. I have saved all texts that I rec’d from him and still carry the Broker Fee Receipt with me which has a sign lease date of 4/1/13 BEWARE OF MR. ALBERT BELL!!!!!!

Tags: Landlords

Address: 146-17 HILLSIDE AVE JAMAICA, New York USA


Phone: 7188408136