Alberts Transport ? Albert Gusynov This guy Albert Guseynov the owner for Alberts Transport is a CROOK! I am an ex driver that he lied to about going in together to pay for a scratched rim on a BMW X5 that was delivered in California. When i got back from the trip we both called the dealership and they told us that the damages were $1079.00 and he backed out on the promise! and also threatened to call the cops after he lied, then put me out of his tractor! This guy also had his fuel cards cut off on him while i was out making deliveries because he couldnt pay his bills on time! so everytime that i needed to put fuel in the tractor, i would have to find a place that had Western Union and he would have to wire me the money! Also his tractor was horrible and VERY, VERY DANGEROUS to drive! Everytime that i come to a complete stop the steering wheel would pull to the left and i almost crashed the truck on several occasions! DO NOT WORK FOR THIS MAN OR DO BUSINESS WITH HIM! Lied ans stol

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