Time I made a report in regards to this store. Especially after the incident that took place. The above named store has a past and present history of advertising items in their flyers and substituting with store brand that looks close to the name brand packaging. Incident on December 22 2007 is a prime example. Lucky’s advertised a Chicken Of the Sea shrimp ring package. Their freezors had tags advertising the 10 ounce packages as well. Only thing is, what was there wasnt chicken of the sea, it was store brand and 8 ounce not 10 at the same price. I spoke to Dave today 12/28/2007 the store manager who claimed the packages were in the back and not put out but should have been. nLets get back to the bait and switch incident on December 22 2007. I noticed the subsittution and asked one of the meat department associates for the proper one being advertised. He said the store didnt carry it. Didnt even bother to look in the back if it was there at all as the manager claimed it was. I told him let the manger know either remove the tags or put the proper product there or Im reporting it. nThings get better (Actually worse). After completing my shopping I go outside to see its raining and load my groceries up onto my bike. It was then I discovered the tires slashed and 3 of the employess nearby. Not saying they did it (Dont want ot be sued) But one of them was the one I argued with, and heck, if they were there and see something like this happening wouldnt you think they might get loss prevention? Guess not. That wasnt the worse of the damage. nI go to do the repair myself and the bolts snap when I take the tire off. Looking closely I find they were filed partly. After getting the run around I finally get the home office and to this day none of my calls from loss prevention have been returned making me wonder what their security tape shows? nIf your the type that doesnt care what you get for your money, then shop here. If you do care to get whats advertised, then I highly suggest shopping elsewhere becasue complaining might cost you more like it has me. nScottnSanbruno, CaliforniaU.S.A.

1322 El Camino Real San Bruno, California U.S.A.