I went into Albertsons store on October the 12th, 2004. I went to the service desk to make a money gram. I advised the service representative I needed to make a money gram, I have a receive code and state and an account number. I noticed they have a new phone system in the store and I advised the rep I was not aware how to use it. She shrugged her shoulders and says she needed a confirmation number from the company not a receive code. I explained to her I have made these payments before and this is all the company gives. She then showed me her pin pad, where she puts in the confirmation number, and told me again she needs a confirmation number. This is a new system I was unaware of. She was unwilling to help me further, or explain to me I actually had to pick up the money gram phone in the store and give the rep on the phone my information, where then I would be given a confirmation number. At this time I am extremely frustrated with the service I received, pushed my cart and left the store. The next morning I had realized my wallet was missing. The next day I called the store and explained to them what had happened and I would like them to check the tape to see if I had left my wallet and see what happened. nThey said the manager working that day was not able to review the tape and to call back tomorrow. I went to the store the next morning and was advised by a manager on duty that he would review the tape and get back to me. He did this, and explained to me I had left my wallet on the counter at the front service desk, a little girl picked it up and gave it to a service manager. The service manager then put my wallet under his arm, and lost it. They reviewed this tape many times and still cannot find out what happened. “There were some pixels missing in the recording and it is not clear where the wallet went””- Stores have security videos for a reason. nWhy wouldnt they beable to track the wallet??? Did an employee steal my wallet and is the management covering this up? I will never be sure. A manager misplaced my wallet and the contents inside is my identity. Since I was attempting to make a money gram payment

there was an excess of $380.00 in the wallet

and the manager did replace this. I had to replace my license

go to downtown Orlando to request a social security card

which I was in line for about 2 and one half hours. I had to report a stolen social security card to all of my credit bureaus. As you can see this was not a fun experience. nI am writing this to explain my horrible experience with the customer service and negligent management