September of 2012 my boyfriend said he was at the bank. I was at home with my son waiting for his father to come so we can go out to eat. My boyfriend comes home from bank 2 hours later. My son and boyfriend leave outside & my bf leaves his phone on the bathroom. I look thru it turns out he wasn’t at the bank he was out with Alejandra eating! He didn’t cheat on me though. That day my bf and I broke up I left to my mom’s house with my son. I confronted the girl and she told me she wasn’t looking for him she wasn’t interested. I told her if she isn’t interested to leave him alone so we can work on our relationship for our son. || So late October I find out he is still talking to her and then on November I find out they are still talking and if find out by her that they had sex -___- She said to me it’s her Pussy she can do what she wants. She’s 22 going on 23 and my bf is barely turning 21. They hardly know each other only knew each other for like 3 months until she opened her legs to my boyfriend. Shows what type of girl she is. Plus she isn’t important enough to f**k in a bed he f**kd her in a car lol. Then she talks about my vagina because I had a kid when the bitch has a best friend who has two kids. I confronted him about it and he told me it was one night then he was drunk. He stopped talking to her and we got back together. It has been 7 months since we got back and things are better than ever. || Alejandra Lopez is a nasty home wrecking bitch. She doesn’t care about ruining a family and I can’t wait till the day I run into her so she can tell me all she did when she texted me. She seems like a really easy girl and is desperate to find a man.