Don’t trust this woman. She was supposed to be a good friend and even when my husband left my 3 kids and me, she was still pretending to be my friend. But behind my back she was with my husband and the reason he left. I even let this bitch come stay at our house because she wanted to come visit”us” after we moved. I couldn’t figure out why her and my husband would stay outside together till 3 in the morning and why she wouldn’t leave his side. Why the fuck would you do that? I had my ideas that something was going on but they both promised me there wasn’t. || How the f**k could you come to someone’s home and with his wife in the house try to mess around with ANOTHER woman’s husband? And even after he left, pretend to be his wife’s friend and talk to me every night and tell me everything would be ok, and send me bible verses. What a Godly woman you are. This slut homewrecking bitch is a awful person and I hope everyone is Estherville and where she works at (removed) knows what she has done and what a worthless slut she is.