Bounced out of his lease agreement three months early (1850 a month for a total of $5600 dollars)a month during September 1st of 2018. and because when he left , he said he was leaving and my wife said ok.. meaning ok!?.. by NO WAY did she appreciate him stiffing us but what could we do!? | Upon inspection of the property by our realtor (who rented this individual our place) notice damaged he never reported which made the issues worse cracked tile large gaping holes in the ceiling then to top it off after we were just going to eat it the loss vacancy he calls us up wants a security deposit back! | We told him under no circumstances would he get any money back as a matter of fact we are the processes of calculating the damages he says us a text says perfect you’ll be hearing from my Law Firm. Now hes suing us for 5k.. You just cant make this stuff up!! | My wife and I don’t handle being bullied too well so we plan on taking this all the way and making sure this guy doesn’t do this again to anybody else he is an attorney he thinks he can bully landlords we live in Florida for most of the year and we have witnesses and evidence this guy is a pure POS. | We will be adding the verdict to this rip off report of this scumbag.


Name: Alessandro Morandi

Country: United States

State: New Jersey

City: Fort Lee

Address: 100 Old Palisade Rd

Phone: 201-532-0027