Complaint: Agreed, Alex Faekuzzaman Quazi is a completely unscruplous businessman with a major ethics problem. He operates a tutoring service to help prospective Realtors get their credentials, but he completely overpromises and fraudulently underdelivers. He demands payments in cash only and once he gets your money, he is gone. He seems to take advantage of immigrants who don’t know any better who won’t go to the police or sue. He does not write his own material, he just provides notes stolen from another course and if you need to reach him, oh, he is much too busy to ever speak with you. A lousy teacher, a clueless realtor, completely unprofessional, I would not trust him to sit the right way on the toilet. All hat, no cattle. He can talk a good game, but that is all he can do. You’re better off studying the materials directly, you’ll be no better off with his help, just poorer. And if you do get ripped off, go to the police, make a paper trail. Don’t let him get away with it anymore.

Tags: Realtors

Address: 1370 Don Mills Road. Toronto, Ontario Canada