Alex Jairus Alex Jairus Jonathan Evans Alexandre Valenzuela Jonathan Evans Alexandre Valenzuela Promised me photo content and makeup done treated me poorly kicked a glass bottle to the face of a girl threw her phone 20 ft cussed her out threatened to have her beat and that he?s gonna stomp her face and said at least he doesn?t have to sell p***y. Promised three meals on the trip but only provided two snacks a day that weren?t even meals had the girls starving. Never apologized California California!!. Kicked glass bottle to young girl. Ripped a wig off of a model threw it in the pool than dragged it in the mud. Promised three meals on the trip but only had snacks had girls starving. No way to order food I can puerto Escondido Did not provide rides when they had paid a transportation fee to have rides. Only did makeup on a few selective models when all the models had paid to get there makeup done by Alex Jarius Threatened to have a girl get stomped an have his boys come after. Cal

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