Alex Korchmar, Ilan Korchmar, Aleksandr korchmar, Alex Korchmar And his son Ilan Korchmar defraud Victims for MILLIONS New york, New jersey!!. Alex Kirschner and his son Ilan korchmar who helps defraud victims for MILLIONS BY falsifying documents, bank records and statements….. They hunt for middle class people who they befriend and them for a serious ride….. SINCE 2019 he has been on a wild ride defrauding victims for millions into offering them a partnership in a franchise dealership like KIA, NISSAN, CHRYSLER. He provides fake documents that state he is a owner and partner in a franchise new car dealership and is in the process of purchasing a new dealership either in new jersey or long island new york. He the hires a attorney BY the name VIVIAN SOBERS, WHO IS IN ON THE SCAM, he has her send out contracts to potential buyers who he has been working on for months and has her tell the buyers attorneys that money is going to escrow. Once you wire the funds she disappears and funds get released to Alex Korchmar. He is a well spoken well dressed con artist who then admits tithe whole scam and then promises to repay the whole amount which is IN the MILLIONS with interest……… He offers collateral like FAKE DIAMINDS AND FAKE WATCHES THAT HE WEARS, he even offers his apartment in the OCEANA COMPLEX ON BRIGHTON BEACH BROOKLYN N.Y. AS COLLATERAL, his apartment has a lien on it from another creditor for more than what it’s worth…….. After months and months of chasing him and listening to his very believing speeches and promises he tries to offer you a new business venture. HIS SON AND HIM DRIVE FANCY CARS AND HUNT FOR VICTIMS FOR A LIVING THEY THEN LIVE OFF THE MONEY THEY STOLE AND PAY A PORTION BACK TO PREVIOUS PEOPLE THEY STOLE FROM. HE currently is in multiple law suits and has judgements and liens against him that he won’t pay back in this lifetime. THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY AND THE FBI HAVE BEEN INFORMED AND ARE REVIEWING ALL THE DOCUMENTS PROVIDED TO THEM. HE SOON WILL END UP IN IN FEDERAL CUATODY WITH HIS SON ILAN KORCHMAR WHO BOTH WILL SPEND YEARS BEHIND BARS….. PLEASE BEWARE THEY are professionals…..

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