Complaint: Alfa Leisure Inc. in cooperation with its extended service company MBA Inc. falsely advertises a “5 year Solid Gold warranty”” that does not exist. Alfa claims its the best i the inductry when it fact is so good it does NOT exist at all. The warranty claims it covers defects when in fact both Alfa and MBA Inc routinely deny defect claims from owners calling them verbage denials. Verbage Denials are those claims it knows it has a legal obligation to cover but refuses too. Recently

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Address: MBA Inc was found to have been guilty of Breeching the contract of an Alfa motor home owner under case number CV03-05942SC. It was found MBA Inc violated its contract by denying a defect claim illegally. Alfa denies the suit ever took place and instead in typical corporate fashion calls the owners posting of a report here a lie. Alfa should instead think about its position

Website: 13501 5th St Chino, California U.S.A.

Phone: because that owner is in fact in the process of suing Alfa for that defect and lemon Law violations under the California statute. For Alfa to say the owner lied even after a court with legal authority to render such a decision said in fact MBA Inc did violate a legal contract is beyond unbusiness like practices. Alfa needs to rethink attacking owners who have already substanciated their position and or claims in court versus Alfa’s own unsubstanciated position of standing on the sidelines calling victims names to protect themselves. Former Alfa Owner J. Blanchard Someplace