Complaint: My car stalled after hitting a pot hole in late at night. The towing company happened to be a repair shop as well, and they stated they could tow the car to the shop and look at it in the morning. I viewed the car on the lift and it showed no signs of damage to the oil pan. They instructed me to call my insurance company, because they were unsure if the impact damaged anything major. The insurance company (Allstate) sent an adjustor to inspect the vehicle. They denied the person on 4 visits to see the vehicle claiming they had to move too many cars to put it on the lift and it disrupted business. After over 1 month they finally allowed the adjuster to view the car and the adjuster noticed major damage to the oil pan, a huge hole in fact as well as other possible damage which would require an engineer to inspect. There was no hole in the oil pan when the car was left, and this was indeed done by the shop somehow. After over 1 month, they finally allowed the engineer to perform a full inspection which in turn revealed that the car was struck with a blunt object and damaged the oil pan, and the engine block. They took photos which showed a hole over a foot wide, and what looked like other damage not previously there prior to bringing the car for the repair. This crook had intentionally damaged my vehicle in order to try and get a large sum from the work it would involve for repair. This creep then denies knowing of any damage, he claims to know nothing. This person is obviously ripping off many more people than just me, and now I have to go through another claim and possibly take this person to court since the insurance wont pay for the excess damage not related to the accident and this creep denies responsiblity for anything. I am sure there are others who have gotten cheated by this crook. I have gone months with no car, because of this shop. The man responsible is Anthony Alfaro, the owner. The shop is located at 354 Devoe St. in Brooklyn , NY 11211 . If anyone has any suggestions on how to bring this person to justice and how to properly go about getting some sort of reimbursement for this damage and hassles associated with it, please send your comments. Thanks for reading. Robert bronx, New YorkU.S.A.

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