On Sept 11th, 2011 I bought a dress and veil from the Alfred Angelo Bridal store in Riverside CA. I paid and signed for my dress and veil and as I waited for the manager to bag the dress and the veil she noticed some holes all over the veil. She gave me 2 options to leave it and have their alterations dept quote me on their next business day on how much it would be to fix it or refund the money if I decided not to get it done or refund my money right then. I decided to leave it and get a quote. After failing to get a quote after several attempts I requested to just get a refund. The manager assured me she would and now were in january I still have not received my refund. I should not have to be chasing them. I called my bank and they faxed ove my receipt. I tried to explain to them that even though I signed for it I never took it out of the store but they couldn’t do their own investigation and the bank had no choice but to deny my claim. Now I have to go our of my way to take them to small claims and file a police report. I couldn’t even wear the dress because it had stains that I didn’t notice when I bought it and they have a no refund policy. So that was my fault and I bought another one but still the veil should be refunded since its in their possession. Maggie

Riverside California Riverside, California United States of America

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