Complaint: Name: Alfred Richard Forero Date of Birth: January 3, 1968 Place of Birth: Bucaramanga, Colombia Married, 5 Children Personal: This man has 5 children from the ages of 17 to 3 years old. Mr. Forero has all these children with three different women in two different countries. He dose not take care of three of the five and has threatened his baby mom with physical harm. Every time he interacts with his baby mama’s he attempted to have sex with them. He has boasted that he can have as many children as he wants and no one not even Child Support can stop him. He is a drug runner from Colombia and sells drugs out of his apartment with no disregard to the safety of his other two children whom reside with him. Work: Hudson County Florist: Was fired for having sexual relations with the bosses nephews wife. Vitiamin Shoppe: Was fired for stealing merchandise from the warehouse Staffing Solutions: Was fired due to sexual harassment of other employees Current Employment: Corbett Exterminating (photos of the Mr. Forero working @ Corbett Exterminating)

Tags: Dead Beat Dads

Address: 82 Forest Ave Paramus, New Jersey United States of America