Ali Abdulaziz Ali Alwazzan, Al-Wazzan Auto Group, Alwazzan Auto, Shaban Auto, Aljumaily, LLC Fraud and misrepresentation in ad on Craigslist for a 2003 BMW 540I for sale. Phoenix Arizona!!. Advertized and represented himself as a private seller, but car had a dealer plate on it. His ad said the car had no problems. Ad said car had new tires, new radiator, new brakes, new temp sensor, and lots of other new parts. This guys is a total scam artist. I didn’t even make it home the night I bought it. It lost all power and I barely made it into a parking lot to pull over off the main road. The car was dead and would not start. This was about 9:30 pm. I text Ali the next day and he told me to check the battery cable. About 6:00pm that evening I got a ride to the car, and the battery cable was very loose. I believe he loosened the battery cable on purpose so it would break down before the car started to overheat, to try to maske the real problem as long as possible. I

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