My name is Cierra and this post is about a bitch named Ali. I was married to a great guy named Adam (or so I thought). He and Ali were childhood friends. Ali pretended like all they were was friends while she was married to Kyle, her husband. I was never worried about my husband spending time with her (she was fat while I am much thinner) and she always acted nice to my face. I came home early from work one day and saw this fat whore’s car parked outside my house. I walked in and called out for Adam but he didn’t answer, which was weird. I walked upstairs and heard noises. I walked in on my husband fucking this fat bitch from behind (how else could he navigate the fat!?!) When they saw me, she covered herself with my blanket. Adam followed me outside, where I called him quite a few names. The confrontation ended with him beating the shit out of me and cops being called. His ass went to prison but this whore and him made a completely different story up about him beating me. He beat me because I called him out for fucking this fat whore!! Bust her out!!