Alice Wright Properties Steve Sloan Taking Advantage Ohio Whitehall!!. My family moved into a property on October 16, 2019. The man who rented to us was absolutely amazing! There was a leak upon move in that disrupted our lives as the living carpet and yu2019all carper was soaked. It took Stanley Steamer 2.5 days to remedy. The landlord took care of it. Leaks and plumbing issues continued and continue to this day, and for some reason the cause can not be found. Each worker sent to the property is a friend or family member of the landlord or perhaps his wife (according to one of that has come to the home), and not one them can figure out why the toilets leak, sink leaks, pipes in the walls knock, running water can be heard in the walls and behind the bathroom tiles and fixtures, or why water is all over the floor and carpet in the basement with mold growing (as of right now). The man I signed a lease with appears to be fair, however, his wife (who I never met until she kept showing u

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