Alicia Lee Redman aka “Allie” was a former classmate and friend of mine, even among my facebook friends list. She later friend requested my husband, who went to school with her older sister. My husband and I ran into some difficult times in our 10 plus year marriage as I was working grueling hours and it took it’s toll. Alicia Lee Redman took it upon herself to start chatting it up with my husband after he posted about being lonely. Their friendship progressed into much more and within days after my husband and I took some time out, she started posting romantic things on his Facebook page for all to see, including our older children!!! This was a huge indicator to me the two had been talking for quite some time! She later admitted he and her would sneak to see each other on her breaks at work and other various indiscretions upon my husband ending things with her to work on our marriage. I really didn’t need to know details!!! Fast forward over a year later and she decided to friend request my best friends and co workers, to let me know she’s still lingering around, waiting and remind me of all the pain she caused me and my family. She even had her mother message my husband! She refuses to “let go” even though my husband has made it clear he wants nothing to do with her! She very well could be a “bunny boiler”. I’m tired of reliving the pain and feel as though I’m being stalked. Women Beware: she is desperate and in need of someone to care for her 4 children and move her out of the basement of her mommy and daddy’s home. She will stop at nothing to cling to a man and his money! I make no excuses for my husband but she KNEW he was married, personally knew me and went after my husband once discovering a “weak” spot! Lowest of low in my book. She tried to play the “victim” and blame it entirely on my husband. No one makes you go after another woman’s husband! She knew right from wrong and did it anyway! Hope she finds a single man to buy her the double wide she deserves!