Alicia Prims Barbara Morris Car for sale scam, wire money to him for a car that never get delivered. Miami, Florida!!. Well orchestrated car-for-sale scam. “Alicia Prims” posts an ad for a car for sale on Craigslist or other similar site. The car will be in great shape and need to be sold because she is a soldier being deployed to Afghanistan. The price will be obviously low, $2,000 – $4,000. They also use a VIN# from a legitimate car matching the description to add credibility to their story. She says she is using Ebay Motors to handle the money transaction and that after you submit the money to them, the car will be delivered from a military base and you have ten days to decide if you accept. If you don’t want the car, you can decline and your money will be returned from Ebay. After you indicate your intention to go forward, an authentic looking email from Ebay Motors with pictures of the car and instructions on how to use Moneygram to make the payment into the escrow account. Please notice that the domain the email is sent from is not but rather This domain is registered under thename Jonathan Massiani, (((REDACTED))) Miami, FL (((REDACTED))) – also potentially false. The money will be wired, picked up by someone likely using a fake ID and the car will never appear. Please be advised never to buy a car that you have not driven or that the seller promises will be shipped to you.

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