Complaint: Alina Sorkin is an attorney in Orange County, CA. She is moody, strange, mean, and loves to spit on people. She tries to bend labor law to her way with no respect for her employees. She ridicules, threatens, berets not only employees but clients when they catch her in a lie. Her knowledge of the law is mediocre on the best of days and gets abusive when corrected. She refuses to admit she is ever wrong even at the detriment of her clients cases. The woman is crazy when she does not get her own way. Objects have been thrown across a room, people chased threaten and spit on within the office. She is a spoiled child who has nasty mood swings that can lead to dangerous behavior aimed at whoever is around. She switches emplyees like people switch underwear. The lady is just plain nuts. Thank God I got out and now work at a real law firm. She has no respect for her clients, employees, nor herself. I think she maybe bipolar but she is too stubborn to see a mental professional. Her philosophe in life is simple, shes always right, and everyone including her clients are out to get her. One day Alina Sorkin when you have one of these fits you will end up hurting someone then maybe you can get the help you need.

Tags: Lawyers

Address: 100 Pacifica #130, Irvine, CA Ivine, California United States of America


Phone: 949-502-0273