Hello, here is what happens. I live in France, and sometimes buy merchandise on eBay. | So who live abroad and buy goods on ebay, knews, that not all sellesr ship goods outside US. So there are many companies who offer reshipping services. It is, when you buy staff and ship it not in a France but to middle man, then this middle person reship it to you. | I was contacted by Aliyah Tomlin. She Send me scans of her documents, I check also some information and all seems normal, because this person was registered at the address where she received the packages, and the phone number was registered to Aliyah Tomlin as well. | I start to order goods, first few orders was not expancive, some cloths. She reship it on a time and was always on email. | Then I send some electronics, and as international shiping is not so fast, whan I got the package it was empty, and the most vired is that this Aliyah Tomlin refuse to ship rest of good, first she say he was in hospital, then that some of her reletieves died, than car accident, and her kid in hospital, so she stole my goods total cost for $2500. | If she send all of the packages and one of tham was empty, it is possible that postman take merchandise, but when she refuse to send 10 packages, all the time told me new stories. Maby you, the person who read this text, want to have some bussines with her, so hope my report will protect you.


Name: Aliyah Tomlin

Country: United States

State: Georgia

City: Conyers

Address: 2885 High Brook Way SE

Phone: 404-759-8340