Purchased a chihuahua at All About Puppies two weeks ago. Was told the puppy had previously been treated for a minor cough and was fine now. Took him home and he immediately started coughing. Went to the vet the next day and the vet said my 3 month old puppy had kennel cough. I went back to All About Puppies and filled them in on the dog’s condition and was given a bottle of what they said was antibiotics to give him till it was finished. My puppy’s condition hasn’t improved and each time I call All About Puppies I am promised that the owner is the ONLY person who can handle a situation like this and that she will call me back. Well she NEVER calls back!!! Danielle, and employee there, tells me to give the puppy Robitussin and that 4 other puppies at the shop also have kennel cough and they are treating them with Robitussin. Mentioned that to my vet and he said to NEVER give a puppy Robitussin and he’s never heard of such a thing and he advises that I return the puppy because they are obviously selling SICK dogs. I called them again and was told they couldn’t take him back and that the owner would call me. Still NO phone call. This place is run very poorly!!!

15729 E. Imperial Hwy La Mirada, California United States of America


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