Bought my Dodge durango from this dealership. Took it in for an oil change. Usually i do this myself, but it was too cold. I always use a K&N oil filter. Went back to get the vehicle, paid for the oil change and went home ( 30 miles away ) When I returned home, I just had a feeling I should look under the vehicle. I did, and sure enough, the K&N oil filter was still on it. I called another dodge dealer and asked if any dealerships ever used K&N oil filters and was told no, never. Had to return, 30 miles and confront these people with the fact that they didn’t change my oil, but charged me for it. No one had an explanation, of course. No different than outright theft. Takes car dealerships to a new low.


Name: All American Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Country: United States

State: Texas

City: Slaton

Address: 8802 B U.S. 84

Phone: 806-828-7155