My mistake was that i did not do my own research and worked for this individual who owns a mortgage company All American home mortgage. All i can say that everything negative that has been written on the internet about this person is true. He does pay people who are impersonating them self as loan officers, but do not have license. He will try to scam you on your commissions , he takes employers portion of taxes from loan officers paycheck instead of paying it him self. He is a psychopath who pretends to be your friend so he can get any information to use against you. Many people are quitting because of his uncontrolled anger bursts. He does employ illegal immigrants, then he will not pay them, knowing that they will not complain because of fair of being deported.


Name: All American Home Mortgage

Country: United States

State: Nevada

City: Henderson

Address: 8915 S Pecos Road Suite 17B

Phone: 702-794-4300