Through an accountant’s oversight my partner owed property taxes in Florida. We discovered this and immediately paid off what was owed. However, at the same time, family members started getting multiple unsolicited texts from Michelle Pris at All American Housing Group / Solutions, stating that she needed to contact us so she could help with our financial problems and stop our property from going into foreclosure. | Our children were freaked out and panic-stricken. My partner’s mother, who has a heart condition, was so distraught after not being able to reach us immediately that she ended up in the emergency room. Distant family members we barely know contacted us to inquire if everything was alright. We immediately called this company and told them to desist, but they did not. They continued to send business solicitation texts –illegally. | The weird thing is that they did this even before trying to contact US. We later started to get a stream of letters. Then Michelle Pris of All American Housing Group started sending notices IN A TRANSPARENT ENVELOPE, just to make sure that our nosy mail carrier could read it, stating that she had checked back with the tax office and our property was still scheduled to be sold on the courthouse steps. I called the tax office –just to be sure–and the clerk laughed and said no, the lien had been paid off several months previously, as I thought. | I have zero idea how Michelle Pris thinks that trying to humiliate people is going to make them want to use her services. I see that someone else has complained to the BBB about exactly the same practice, but of course All American Housing Solutions has an A+ rating because they pay the BBB’s fee. How simple it is for them just to say, “oops, we’ve removed your name from our list” and then go on with this horrible practice while bragging about an A+ rating and adding “reviews.” | I am seriously considering suing Michelle Pris and All American Housing Solutions. As I understand it, it is illegal to send business solicitation texts, particularly to numbers registered on the Do Not Call list, and in this case the texts caused serious physical harm to my partner’s mother. The FTC and the FCC may also be able to levy very substantial fines on Michelle Pris and All American Housing Solutions–and I believe they should. | I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has had a similar experience, particularly if they know what kind of interest rates this absolutely horrible excuse for a human being charges and what kind of agreement one has to sign.


Name: All American Housing Solutions

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Orlando

Address: PO Box 149717

Phone: (855) 374-4115