All City Towing Fraud, Overcharge, Incompetent, Rude, Poor Service Tempe Arizona!!. I called for lock out services on 29 June 2013. I was given a 45 minute ETA and that came and went. No phone call updating me or anything. Then after an hour had passed I called back and was given an additional 10 minute ETA. So eventually the tow truck driver arrived in a flat bed tow truck. The tow truck pulled up to me and verified I was the person that called. Granted I was standing at the bed of my truck and I was the only Chevy pick-up in the parking lot so this did not take a great deal of reasoning. The driver said he was going to park his truck, okay great. So he does park his truck and he sits in it for another 10 minutes. Finally, I am graced with the tow truck drivers presence. The driver pulls out the green reach stick and the inflatable pillows and the wedges. Well it looks like he’s brought the right tools for the job! Better late than never… or so I thought. The driver cannot get the door unlocked! He tried pushing the unlock button and failed to get it to unlock, then he tried the door handle but had the door wedged in the wrong spot to get that accomplished. The driver never tried to lift the lock! So the driver decides he is going to come around and try the driver’s side door since he is having no luck on the passenger side door. It is a repeat of the same. The driver then offers to call another driver with a slim jim. What do you mean you do not have all your tools? The driver finally decides to let me try to unlock my own door. I grab the go reach and pull my key fob over and flip it. I hit the unlock button and wouldn’t you know it but the door unlocks! Wow! I have never been to tow truck school but I got the job done. Now it’s been almost two hours since I first called! So what do I get for all of this wonderful, fast, and professional service? A BILL!!! $105 to unlock my own door and train THEIR staff. To say I was/am upset is the least of it. I called back and talked to “Jose” who is in my estimation a blithering baffoon. Jose tells me basically that so what we missed your ETA it was an estimate even though it was almost double what I was told. So what our driver is incompetent and you had to do their job. So what we charged you $105 we should have charged you $200 so be happy. I asked for a manager and got the run around but was finally told that he would leave a message and that the managers would get back to me on THEIR time, maybe. Then Jose would not give me a name. Finally he gives me the name of Nick who is usually in between 8 and 5 Monday through Friday. To quote from their website: Transparency Our service record and business practices are unparalleled and we are proud to share our successes, and failures, with our public partners. Through ongoing dialogue and by utilizing a continuous improvement methodology, All City Towing possesses an extensive and well-documented history of surpassing performance quality standards. Raising The Bar All City Towing is in the business of changing the way people think of the towing industry. Our fleet contains state-of-the-art equipment, which is able to tow or transport just about anything on the road. We make every effort to respond quickly and safely, while focusing on the safety of the motoring public. Each of our storage facilities has an inside waiting area for customers. We spare no expense when it comes to the safety of the vehicles for which we are responsible. Each yard possesses 24-hour surveillance cameras, high-density lighting and security fencing. These are just a few of the ways All City Towing strives to maintain itsu2019 position as a leader in vehicle management solutions industry.

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