all computer resource “theft” is too polite. these crooks have a license to “steal” your money miami, Florida!!. the computer i purchased from this co. was sent to me with the incorrect “vin” for my jeep. this caused problems with the car because the computer did not communicate properly with “all” of the cars systems. as a result of a no start situation i towed the jeep to the dealership where i was told that the computer had the incorrect “vin” in it and the “skim” which is a anti breakin device detected this wrong “vin” and threw off a code. once this code is thrown you must replace this part and have it programmed by “jeep”. my bill for towing, diagnostic testing to find the problem and parts and labor because this company sent me the wrong part. which “renzo” and “roxy” both agree is over $700.00. obviously i would never be reimbursed for these out of pocket expenses. however after sending this incorrect computer back i was told that the computer was “water logged” or some such senescence and my money $208.00 would not be refunded neither as it turned out the core. this is a sealed unit, air tight which was removed by jeep techs placed in “bubble wrap” and a “box” and mailed. a complaint filed with bbb of fl. was not responded to by this co. my next course of action is to file a complaint with consumer services of the state of fl. this type of “fraud” and “theft” should not be tolerated. my only hope is that consumers research this company before buying from them and find any other supplier as i should have done.

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