all county towing all county towing are definatly thieves Ft Lauderdale, Florida!!. All county towing were called to tow our motor home when we went on a cruise, they towed vehicle to thier impound lot, we called and said we were on a week long cruise (first mistake). so they automatically charged us for a week. seconed mistake was they charged us for the heaviest vehicl which our motor home is only 19 ft long. when we arrived, there were our parents my wife and i and our two kids, luggage and all. we had to get a cab to all county towing and when we got there, he wouldnt let us go inside to provide ownership, which we kept in glove box. he said he couldnt find it twice, and that we would need verification. this was a saturday and our insurrance and registry offices were closed, so they would have made two more days storage fees from us. so, i thought sinced he was being sooooo smart, i would be too, so i called sherriffs office and had a officer come out to discuss the reason why he wouldnt let us in to retrieve registration. it didnt take long for them to let us in to look for it. when entering the vehicle, sure enough, registration was in plain sight, but of course he couldnt find it twice! after finally getting that straight, it was time to pay. on the 3 inch thick bullet proof glass between us(wonder why thats there), it says no bills larger then $20 or credit card. so we go to pay with credit card and he tells it will be 648 dollars cash because we are a larger vehicle! what the f— does that matter. he was thinking we didnt hav that cash available to us, once again, he was wrong. so after 3 hours of fighting for our vehicle, we had to wait another hour for these idiots to unblock our motor home with all the other peoples vehicles they ripped off parked in front of it. we finally got the hell out of there, drove straight out of florida and will NEVER return. while there, i counted countless people soooooo mad about thier practise of towing cars, trucks and every other thing imaginable, one guy couldnt even get his medication out of the car! also, it is located in a very disgusting and crime ridden part of town, i was on my highest guard when there, there were people driving by 4-5 times looking at us, bums walking down the street, who knows how many crack heads. it was all a very disgusting realization that i will NEVER make the mistake of returning to florida and always watching where i will park. this company needs to be permantly removed from society!

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