all day towing they over charge you illegally hayward California!!. they are definitely a rip off towing agency that needs to be reported to the city and state with their license revoked. They towed my white vw cc #6135 for wrongfuly parking in an HOA community. As soon as I went to pick up they car their initial rate of $190 turns be $425. They charge an $95 gate fee , $80 storage fee (for 1 hour), and a $60 dolly charge because they tell me that a dolly was necessary due to the special needs of my car ? They refused my credit card as well which I will contact my Visa for this as well. I heard this from others that this towing company always adds these additional charges without reason. I am going to contact the business licensing and my insurance company along with the city’s towing board. Following this I will file a civil small claims suit against them .
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