One of the WORST customer service experiences I have EVER had. I set up an appointment with them for Sunday. They called the day before to verify.. Then never showed up. I called to let them know the sales rep never showed and they sent him out later in the afternoon. After he lied and said he had the wrong phone number.. My phone number has been the same for 6 years. | We ended up signing an agreement and were supposed to have someone come out to measure all of our windows for replacement. They never showed up again. NO call. nothing. I called their office on multiple occasions and was lied to over and over again. I let them know that I did not want my partner’s credit being ran without a new signed agreement at the lower rate that they offered. I was assured by 2 different women that they did not even have our paperwork in the system and would not run my partners credit until after they had received the signed agreement. This would have only been able to have taken place had we met with the rep that never showed up. | Turns out they did run her credit and said she was not approved. This is impossible being that her credit score is well over 700 and she makes plenty of money. They are a horrible company that doesn’t have any ethics as well as a huge lack of communication and respect for so called valued customers. I would never recommend them to anyone. Not even my worst enemy. They lied to me on multiple occasions and hung up on me.


Name: All Phase Home Services

Country: United States

State: Georgia

City: Marietta

Address: 1710 Cumberland Point Dr

Phone: 678-509-8151