Saturday 24th March I received call from someone who said they represented All Seasons Travel. I had won a heavily discounted holiday to Florida and the Bahamas. The fellow’s name was Adam Delong, he had an authentic American accent and the call had a delay so I was convinced that he was in fact in Florida. He assured me that I had 30 days to reverse the payment. He went into detail that he didn’t require the CVC number on the back of the card because they were a company who has the authority of Visa and Mastercard. This helped to put my mind at ease as even at this stage I wasn’t that keen on taking up the trip, but I might have had a friend or family member who could use it. I believed that I only had to cancel the offer and my payment would be immediately reversed (Adam specifically told me this would happen). Almost straight away I felt that I’d probably been ripped off, the next day i sent an email to cancel the trip and reverse the payment. This morning I spoke to Ann who was calling to confirm the arrangements, I was keen to tell her that I wanted to cancel the trip and payment, however she informed me that contrary to Adam’s information, this was not possible. It was a 30 day review, this did not mean I was able to cancel the trip. As a concession she then upgraded me to a better hotel suite and told me they could give me a further $500 discount (this is supposed to come back to my account within the next 5-7 days). From my research it appears that this company has been performing these scams for quite a long time, so it’s disappointing that they are still up and running. Please do something about this fraudulent company.

4104 W. Linebaugh Ave., Tampa, FL 33624 phone: 1-8 Tampa, Florida United States of America


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