I received an unsolicited call from “Kayla” at All Seasons Travel. She asked me if I was interested in selling my Time Share in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I told her I was. She said that All Seasons was not a “listing company” and would purchase my Time Share for cash (if I accepted the offer). Kayla asked me to watch a short video on their website and then call in with a “special code number” to speak to the “appraiser” for their offer. | About 2 minutes into the video I realized that this was just another scam. But I watched it through anyway to give them the benefit of the doubt. When the video reached the end I tried to call the number but got a voice mail (with a different extension from what I was calling) asking me to leave a mesage. | A few minutes later another woman called back and apologized for the telephone confusion. To save time I asked her straight out “is your company going to make me a cash offer to purchase my Time Share?” She replied “we don’t do that, we give you credit towards the purchase of a membership in our travel program, but that I would have to pay a membership fee as well. I said that is Fraud based on the telephone call from Kayla and hung up. | BEWARE of these scam artists. Do not deal with them. File complaints with the Tennessee Attorney General’s Consumer Fraud unit as well as the U.S. Attorney’s office in Tennessee for their using the telephone and internet to run their scam.


Name: All Seasons Travel Group

Country: United States

State: Tennessee

City: Knoxville

Address: 5204 Kingston Pike, Suite 33

Phone: 855-892-7015

Website: allseasonstravelgroup.com/