All Star Motors They damage cars in order to jack up the repair costs! South Orange, New Jersey!!. I brought my car to ALL STAR MOTORS of South Orange, NJ for what I expected was only a minor repair. When ALL STAR called me with a whopping estimate for a major repair, I became suspicious.I decided to bring my car to another mechanic that was highly recomended to me by a good friend. The second opinion that he gave me was that my car appeared to have been deliberately damaged, either for the purpose of gaining an expensive repair job, or to cover up a false diagnosis after I decided to take the car back. I won’t get into the technical details because it is not relevant, but the evidence was quite obvious.I can’t call the police because these things are hard to establsh in a court of law. But my gut feeling, coupled with the careful analysis of a highly reputable and honest expert, leads me to the conclusion that ALL STAR MOTORS of South Orange, NJ is a shady operation.

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