All Tune&Lube DISRESPECTFUL, RUDE, LIARS, CARELESS, UNPROFESSIONAL, GREEDY Sierra Vista, Arizona!!. I came into the store in hopes that I would feel better about my day because of the luck with my car that day…and was told NOTHING could be done because my car would need more extensive work done that would cost more than the car was worth itself! Come to find out I had my car fixed perfectly for just under 300 dollars I had the worst experience of my entire life at this shop!! My biggest problem with this place was I had been here before for problems I had during just an oil change and was told that I would NEED replacements for a belt and Radiator the oil change and Replacements in August left my car to make a NASTY Noise so I had gone back days later to know the problem and was told the noise was because my belt was too small but would be fine. I Had trusted what was said but Now it is February and The belt that was replaced had snapped in half and the radiator was cracked both items were under warranty but I was told it could not be replaced under warranty because it was my fault for not bringing it in sooner! I was lied to about my car and I left in Tears. I felt like I was disrespected! NEVER EVER EVER WILL I BE GOING BACK!!! All of the staff including manager were Rude to me the Manager hadn’t even looked under my hood yet and started shaking his head I was so upset he then started naming off everything under my hood that needed fixing. I went in the shop with a mindset knowing they were going to name things off that would probably later down the road need to be fixed but man oh man he made it seem like it NEEDED To be done then or he wasn’t going to touch it! One man was smoking while looking under the hood too! I am sooo hurt that I was treated so poorly! I am happy I had such great help elsewhere all that needed to be replaced was the belt and the radiator the two things that would have been under warranty.

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