I have done business with Allard Auctions a few times over the past few years selling my Native American photography/artwork. I understand their policies which include payment 35 days after a major auction. I have had to call every time to recieve my payment. They have never paid me on time. Last year in Aug of 2015 I sent a rare catalog to them among other items to be auctioned. It did not sell so they put it back in inventory. I have politely called and asked them no less than 5 times (speaking with everyone who worked there including Steve Allard the owner) to send my catalog back and I will sell it myself online. It is now Jan of 2016 and I still do not have it. | Steve personally told me when I last spoke to him that this is not on his priority list. Marine his assistant said that someone will nedd to go look for it however this never happens. She told me this 2-3 times now. They make me feel uncomfortable having to call for my own property and or payment. I am a business owner myself and find this sort of business pracice appaling. They sold over 1000.00 worth of photographs in November of 2015 of mine. The buyer did not pay so once again I am asking repeatedly over the last month or so for my items back. Now they still have my catalog from last year as well as my photgraphs, As of today (Feb 2, 2017) I have again recieved no comminication from them, no items shipped back and no tracking number which i asked for twice in the past week. | The last auction was over 3 months ago and I had no idea the buyer didn’t pay. I was patiently waiting for payment and called 3 times. Left messages and emails and never recieved any sort of communication back. Finally about a week ago Steve emailed me to let me know the buyer didn’t pay. That was the last I heard from him or his organization. This seems to be there mode of operating. | As of today they are holding thousands of dollars of my property and will not ship it back or communicate with me. I am glad this was the last time I was going to do business with them. Sellers beware. I am guessing if I have had problems constantly with them that others have as well. | I’m patiently waiting Steve Allard. Please send my items back

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