I purchased a formal gown from www.alldresses.com on 12/20/06 and paid for it in full on the 22th of Dec 2006. They still have not sent the product as of 1/14/07. I have sent numerous emails and called several times. To no avail, they do not respond. I have found they have received numerous unsatifactory BBB complaints. They make a regular habit of ripping off the general public. The do not have the dress. According to their website, it is still processing. I have requested via email and phone messages for a full refund of $72.98 and have still not received a reply. This company has my order locked on processing. I do not want anything from them at this point. nIf you research their phone number, 214-678-9381, you will find the results to be quite surprising. There are at least 3 other companies attached to their phone number. Under the Better Business Bureau, they have 3 different addresses and mail is returned from the one my dress is ordered from, which is “1305 Wycliff ste 101″” Do not use this company. Research them before you consider it. $72.98 is a small price to pay

but I hope that I can help future buyers from being misled and ripped off. nRhondanMi Wuk VIllage


1305 Wycliff Ste 101 Dallas, Texas U.S.A.