I was also going to lose my home, like a lot of other people. I got a notification in the mail, that said they could help me keep my home. It was at the same time the President had started the stimulus program to help Americans keep their homes. I paid Alliance Mortgage Modification Agency and The Olive Foundation, 1,300.00 to help me keep my home. The only thing they did for me was take my money. I talked to a man named Ira Flax, over ten times who could not help me. Yet he was the one who helped take my money. I then asked for his manager, and talked to a Michael Belt. Well Michael assured me everything was going just fine. Well I guess it was for them, because they got the money and I got foreclosed on. I am a single parent, that used my savings to try to do the right thing. I didn’t have a lot to start with, and now I have nothing for believing in this company. I just pray they can’t do it to anyone else. I hope this report will help stop people like them. I do believe there is help out there,but I’m now scared to try it again. I hope you find yourself in a better place than I have been,and may God bless you!

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