Complaint: I received 6 parking tickets during the month of October. This was such a horrible fluke – prior to this, I had never received a parking ticket in my life. Most of them had to do with meters running out. Again I admit, this is my fault. I also admit, I did not get on the ball and pay the tickets right away. By December 10th – I had been notified by my credit monitoring service, that my credit score had gone down after several reports on my credit. When I looked it up, I saw all 6 tickets had been reported as unpaid on my report. So I went from having no infractions on my credit report – to six infractions – all within 40 days give or take of the original ticket issuings. Does this not sound excessive to anyone else?First off, the city of Seattle wasted no time – I’d say, less than 30 days to report this to Aliance One – and then Alliance One reported this less than 15 days after receiving my files. Is there ANYTHING I can do? BTW, I paid my tickets – which was $900.00.

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