If you’re thinking of purchasing travel insurance from this company, DON’T. I purchased trip insurance foolishly believing that they would actually live up to their online claims. Perhaps I am somewhat to blame, as I didn’t read all 200 pages of disclaimers. nWhen I had to extend my trip an extra week because my mother’s doctor requested I stay with her while recovering from chemotherapy, Allianz claimed they couldn’t get enough information from her doctor to complete the claim. nAfter many faxes, email, and phone calls to Allianz and the doctor’s office, Allianz is still claiming they do not have “sufficient information”” to process the claim. I have requested they contact the doctor directly or contact my mother directly to obtain this “”information”” they say they need

but so far

no one from Allianz has contacted either. Bottom line: this is a scam. Don’t waste your money. Don’t be fooled by their promises of a refund for alterations in your travel schedule

unless you’re ready for the “”runaround”” and a lot of frustration…”

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